Utilities Servicing
Allto Construction provides site servicing for various types of projects from residential, commercial and industrial developments to municipal and civil project. Allto construction team have the ability and knowledge to execute projects that may require challenging methods of construction.
Our company is equipped to provide services ranging from:
Sewer and watermain construction
Storm water management systems
Road and parking lot construction
Hydro and water services Geo thermal trenching

Excavation & Earthworks
Allto Construction provides earthwork services that are required in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional construction. Whether the project is straightforward or complex, Allto construction highly qualified team is prepared to meet any challenge.
Some of our services include :
Basement excavation, Backfilling, driveways, Parking lots, Site stripping, Clearing and grubbing, Cut and fill site balancing, Rough and fine grading, Earth moving and stockpiling, Earth compaction, Field survey and layout, Building of temporary roads, Soil stabilization, Park development, Site rehabilitation Topsoil placement.

Ponds and Drainage Systems
Our extensive knowledge of ponds and pond solutions has been built over years of working with experts in the fields of Aquatic management, Pond Engineering and Construction. We believe strongly in strategies of natural beautification through proper pond engineering. Since 1969 our team has been involved in hundreds of projects, big and small, private ponds to large Municipal lake restoration projects, Designing Your Dream Pond. We provide planning, working systems and strategies for Wastewater, Municipalities, or anyone with ponds, lakes or basins to manage. We handle large and small scale aeration projects from design to installation

Allto has provided quality topsoil to homeowners, gardeners, contractors, cities, nurseries, and landscapers for over 40 years! If you are in need of good, rich topsoil at a fair price then you are in the right place! We will deliver a load of topsoil to you or feel free to stop and we will load your pick up, trailer or dump truck.

Aggregate Supplies
We offer a wide variety of materials. We can deliver your materials to you or if you would rather pick up your material, please call ahead and order. If you need material for your aggregate project Allto also provides on-site delivery services for nearly any project that you can create. Be sure to contact us for more information. We carry nearly everything that you will need from a wide array of aggregates and also recycled concrete and asphalt.

Building Demolition
Demolition is a process in which an existing building or any such structure is pulled down using some machines, tools and equipments. Prior to demolishing a building it is carefully studied and analyzed. All the parts of the building are checked with details. The parts that can easily be pulled down are noted along with the ones that are difficult or strong enough to be pulled down. Then a proper means of breaking down these strong and weak parts is decided upon. After evacuation the actual demolition work starts where the building is actually pulled down using different machines, tools and equipments.

Onsite Waste Water Treatment:
Allto Construction Services are Government Licensed Designers and Installers of Conventional and Tertiary Treatment Septic Systems
Whether it's a conventional septic system or a tertiary treatment system, the professional team at Allto will work with the local building departments to determine the appropriate solution to suit your property requirements.
Residential septic system design, up to 10,000 Litres per day Soil testing, Onsite planning, Permit applications, Preventative maintenance (filters, pumping) Alterations/up sizing for additional buildings and/or lot severance Inspections of existing sewage systems.